Happy for Friends' Wedding. Enjoyed celebrating their Tying the Knot.

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Friends' Wedding @ Grand Hyatt Tokyo in Roppongi

Buffet @ Grand Hyatt
April 22 already.  In Tokyo, it was warm once and I was about to enjoy the spring weather, then it turned back to cold winter weather again.

It was so cold yesterday, so I couldn't wear the dress I planned for this wedding.

Forced to wear something plain, I wore a brownish golden scarf over the shoulder to add something festive and glam up.

It seems like they mulled it over and came to the decision to hold festive, yet progressive style party.

I've been invited to.... countless weddings, yet this was the first time to attend this friendly, buffet wedding @ five star hotel.  ( Yes, I 've attended casual buffet wedding reception at restaurants)

They are in 40s and they tried to make it simple, share their joy with their friends and show the appreciation to the friends.  Very nice and how can I explain the style they chose ?  Very 40s or mature.

Shrimp cocktail, roasted pork, grilled peppers..... everything was good.
And the dessert!    Will show you a few more pics.