Irish Stew w/ Irish Mashed Potato, Guiness

For 2013's St. Patrick's Day

Off Today.....

I wanted to upload some pic which I cooked last night for St. Patrick's Day.
Somehow, this web doesn't synchronize with my mobile today, so let me do it later.

I am not Irish, yet I enjoy wearing something green and eat and drink Irish thing.
Yes, I cooked Irish stew ( hard to buy block lamb meat here, so instead, I used beef) and had Guiness.

Nice Monday, which I set lately as day off.  Phew.  I can hear gusty winds are blowing outside, yet it doen't bother me when I am enjoying my private reading time.

My hay fever is getting better although I still need to take medication twice a day.

There are piles of books in my place still, which I don't mind, yet cannot finish reading them ever.   I keep buying and they keep coming in from some friends.

I just learned new word " Chick Lit " genre.  Apparently, working women's light, comedy novel is called like this.  i.e.) " Bridget Jone's Diary" series.

Am reading Jenny Colgan's " Talking o Addison" which I got from a friend of mine who lives close here.   She works for publisher/ major bookstore company and funny thing is sometimes I open the entrance and find a pile of books or paper bag filled with books.... thanks to her though.  I love reading.  Yes, they are English books, I mean books written in English ( mainly American English, some are British English :-) j

Jenny Colgan's is British one.....just like Bridget Jone's.

Well, let me save some energy today and will be ready to go on tomorrow again.