Simple Tomato Bread --- Bruschetta

Tomato Bread --Bruschetta
This bread is regular toast, so not real Italian.

Thank you for checking my blog as always....lately, I haven't written much.

My procrastination excuses are work, new study, etc.....  One excuse is I started taking a course on Coursera, which you probably know.  On-line free education service.

I registered myself on business program.  Everyday, there is one short video course I study and mini quiz.    There are some nutrition, food related courses, so I might take some of them in the future.

Yesterday, I didn't have much time to cook or much appetite......I'm fine.  I was excited to try new venture and wanted to have light meal.  Made this quick lunch.

A ripe, medium sized tomato / two table spoons of olive oil / salt / one tea spoon of dried basil ( of course, if you have fresh, use it!) / toasted bread

1.  First, toast a slice of bread for 3, 4 min.
2.  Chop the tomato, put it into a bowl.  Add salt, basil an then olive oil.  Stir well.
3.  Paste the seasoned tomato ( 2) on the bread.  Toast it again for another 3, 4 min.