Meet Ups...... Some Place You Meet New People

Shimokitazawa International Meetup

I just realized I haven't mentioned this here before.  I' ve learned about this " meetup" thing from a friend of Silicon Valley.

That was last fall, I guess.  Then I presided a lunch gathering.  This time, I am organizing dinner ( and drinking ) meet up in February.

It was great experience.  I should attend other meet ups, but with this Internet tool, you can meet these new people you could not imagine before.

Luckily, all the people who came to this lunch was wonderful and I enjoyed meeting all these people.  Nice chatting, good laugh......

It is difficult to set the date regularly, once you create your platform, easy to start.

I'm already thrilled and cannot wait for my next event.


Papabubble Candy ---- Tokyo has two shops.

Papabubble candy.   I got from a friend the other day.


Colorful candy has letters such as happy 2013.

Very cute and entertaining.

Originally from Spain.  Does your city have this shop?


Tokyo's Long Lines........

Long Line Waiting for Eggs'n' Things
I had a lunch appointment on Friday.

We decided to have late lunch @ bills, Omotesando.

bills ' website

It's popular, I knew.... still....I thought we could get seats.... we couldn't.

They do not take reservations during lunchtime, so I went over there a bit early.  Around 12:10.

The waitress came to me and said with smile.
"  I'm sorry.  The next available table will be around 3:45 p.m." !!!
Yes, when I called they said " probably you will have to wait for 90 min. or so."
It was three more hours when I got there.... sigh.  We gave it up and had lunch some other place.  The Portuguese dishes were good enough.

For your information, nearby bills, there is another popular pancake place, " eggs'n' things " from Hawaii.  That place also has long, long lines......

It is probably quicker to fly to Hawaii....... yeah, I want to get in there when there is no line, but while waiting, it's faster to try their Hawaiian shop.  LOL.