New Restaurants in Shimokitazawa

Cafe Normale Shimokitazawa
Noce, a furniture shop is running this place.  

Yes, they use their own furniture in the cafe.  You will see the menu of furniture first....

First I thought " What!?  Their plates are expensive.... 15,000 yen !?  ( equivalent to 150 USD ) "

No, if you'd like, you can order some table or couch, but you don't have to :-) .

I ordered hot PANINI.  Crispy hot panini was delicious.  The average is around 1,000 yen.  That includes mini salad and a drink.


Come out to north exit of Shimokitazawa station.
Take a right.  That is the corner of Mizuho Bank .  Pass by the bank, go straight.
You will see Florist Hanahiro on your left, then Yokohama Bank.  Keep going.

Drug store Tomod's will be on your left.  Turn right immediately after that.
Cafe Normale will be on your left in 10 seconds.

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