Tokyo's Long Lines........

Long Line Waiting for Eggs'n' Things
I had a lunch appointment on Friday.

We decided to have late lunch @ bills, Omotesando.

bills ' website

It's popular, I knew.... still....I thought we could get seats.... we couldn't.

They do not take reservations during lunchtime, so I went over there a bit early.  Around 12:10.

The waitress came to me and said with smile.
"  I'm sorry.  The next available table will be around 3:45 p.m." !!!
Yes, when I called they said " probably you will have to wait for 90 min. or so."
It was three more hours when I got there.... sigh.  We gave it up and had lunch some other place.  The Portuguese dishes were good enough.

For your information, nearby bills, there is another popular pancake place, " eggs'n' things " from Hawaii.  That place also has long, long lines......

It is probably quicker to fly to Hawaii....... yeah, I want to get in there when there is no line, but while waiting, it's faster to try their Hawaiian shop.  LOL.


Carol said...

Is there usually a wait to get into a restaurant or is it just certain restaurants that have a line-up? Or does it depend on what night of the week it is? That seems to be how it is around here.(Victoria, BC,Canada)

Yasuko Watanabe said...


Thank you for your comment.

Popular restaurants are always crowded, but these are exceptions. I guess Tokyo people are keen to try something new or something exotic.

Right now pancakes are " in". Both bills and Eggs'n'Things are well-known pancake places and one is from Australia and the other is from Hawaii.

At Japanese restaurants, even though they have pancakes, they are somehow " Japanese " pancakes.

People like their exotic taste, presentation, I guess.
Generously served whipped cream, unique creation ( bill's ricotta cheese and pancake ) attract our attention..... my humble opinion.