Happy New Year To You All ! Jan.1, 2013

January 1, 2013
Wishing you a happy, peaceful, successful 2013!

As usual, the boxed osechi, new year's feast is shown here.

Additionally, the soup bowl is sitting on the tray, which is also typical Japanese new year's dish, ozoni with vegetables and rice cake.

Bottom right is roast beef slices.  No reason, but wanted to have beef.  Just followed my intuition.

The golden yellow drink sitting top left on the tray is otoso..... herb flavored sake for new year's celebration, which is supposed.
New Year's resolution?  I'm thinking about my life, business, health etc.etc...
Let me wish your happiness, health and wealth for the coming year.

Otoso ( or Toso )
Ozoni ( or Zoni)