Sarabeth's is now in Tokyo

External Appearance of Sarabeth's
 The very first time I visited Sarabeth's Kitchen was probably about 20 years ago; taken by a friend of mine living in Manhattan.

The impression this one of the famous New York restaurants back then was no-frills, earthy place serving comfort food.   Here in Tokyo, the applied interior for younger clients invites you to some friend's dining or kitchen filled with cute, girly articles.

Four of us got there before 9 a.m.;their open, yet there were already about 10 people lined up.

Around 9:05, we were escorted to the inside of the restaurant.

Nice, sophisticated ambiance is very Tokyo, which I felt bit too sophisticated, but we enjoyed it.  Lately, we have pancake places such as Eggs 'n' Things imported from Hawaii or Bills from Australia.  Still, not many places provide these kinds of breakfast.... one of my favorite, Eggs Benedict!
Classic Eggs Benedict

It is located right above JR Shinjuku Station.

If I could claim though, I wish their opening time were 7 a.m. or 8 a.m.

We were sure to come back here.   Next time to try Omelet or Cream of Tomato.