Wasanbon---Dry Confectionery

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A gift from some students group of mine....beautiful dry confectionery.

These are made of wasanbon.....explained in the link above.   Fine-grained sugar brings your mouth, delicate, sophisticated sweetness and melts.....

Shapes are river, gold fish, shell, leaf etc....

Good with green tea.

Garlic Salmon --- Quick & Easy Salmon

Garlic Salmon
This one using mayonnaise...is simply delicious.

If you like soy sauce flavor and garlic, you have to try this.


Salmon: 1 fillet
Soy sauce: 2 tablespoon
Garlic: 1 clove / crushed
Mayonnaise: 2 tablespoons
White wine: 1 tablespoon
Black pepper:  To your taste
Steamed white rice: Some

1.  Heat a frying pan.  Add mayonnaise.
2.  Mayonnaise will start melting.   Add salmon & garlic.
3.  Cook salmon well.  Flip it over.  Cook well.
4.  Add white wine.   Then, add soy sauce.
5.  Place the rice on the plate.  Place the salmon on it.  Put garlic flavored sauce over it.


Writing @ Open Source Cafe, Shimokitazawa

Open Source Cafe 
Finally, we are enjoying this fall weather.... it's been hot unusually.    In September, it was like August, early last week, it was like September...
I'm still wearing short sleeves.

It's such a pleasant weather today..... I can feel dopamine is secreting from my brain....nice day!

Unfortunately,  few cafes or restaurants are providing Wi-Fi in Japan, though gradually some are starting equipped with it.  

Here, I don't have to bring my cable, router etc.

Tartar Sauce on Steamed Potato

It's national holiday today.   Health-sports day.
Instead of doing sports, I am writing this blog ...feeling relaxed.

There are things including work listed up.....hoping I can work on them today.  Before working on them.... let me enjoy this....

For a while, I felt rushed by work....I've been enjoying them, yet it requires concentration...I'd like to do best for our clients.

Since last night, somehow I wanted to eat tartar sauce.... no TV influence.... do you get this kind of inspiration once in a while?  No books is suggesting tartar sauce... I wonder where this came from....Anyways, I decided to make the sauce first.

Today's Tartar Sauce:

Fresh parsley---Chopped / 2 tablespoons.
Fresh lemon juice ---1 tablespoon.
Onion---Chopped. /1/4 medium onion.
Pickles---Bottled pickles with dill relish / 2 table spoons
Boiled egg---Chopped / 1 egg.
Mayonnaise---2 tablespoons.
Salt & Pepper--- A pinch.

Just stir the above all ingredients in a bowl.  Put some on steamed potato.