Pancake is In ?!?!

Banana, Caramel, Ice Cream Pancake!
I haven't written for a while, then today, I realized that I cannot upload the photo from iPhoto anymore?

It seems like everything has to be controlled within google service?

hmmm.  Hope they can change it.

Anyways, I was going to write about trends in Japan.

Pancake has been popular here.... when this trend began ....?  Perhaps when " Eggs 'n' Things " arrived here.  There seems  to be still long lines to get in there... I cannot wait in lines .... one hour.... no, thank you....

Also, Australian pancake restaurant " Bills" is also here.  Haven't tried this place either.

This photo is from my neighbor place... " Deli & Bakery".   Cooking pancake at home is also nice, but these ice cream, caramel sauce..... extra toppings is something I enjoy when I eat out.

Yesterday was....

Cookie from Friends 
Ah, I am not a good blogger this year.
Thanks to my clients, though, from one to the next, work comes in.  It's been busy, quick summer for me.

Yesterday was my birthday.  :-)
My friends gave me some nice gifts and this is a cookie.  Too cute and I cannot eat this.