Sensational Shaved Ice

shaved ice/ green tea flavor 
What a shame.  I've been living in this town, Shimokitazawa over 10 years.

Till yesterday, I hadn't had chance to try their famous shaved ice.

During summer time, I saw long lines originated from the shop front.... I always wondered what it was.

It took us 90 min. to get in the shop.  Another 15 min. to get this.

Fluffy, finely textured shaved ice melted in my mouth with authentic green tea flavor.

Yes, authentic.....this shop is located on 2nd floor.  On the 1st floor, they are selling green teas.  This shop has prestigious Tea Masters and in this cafe, you will see many trophies they won at competitions.

We ordered extra condensed milk...I would call it " petite luxury", meaning I can't afford or wouldn't have desire for luxury items, restaurants, yet I need to spoil myself as reward once in a while.

Truly, it was sensational experience.  Before this, we were all exhausted.  Additionally, we had to wait.  All these pain was gone, when we got up after eating this.  Five of us were smiling and satisfied.

Shimokita Chaen Ohyama
Address: 2-30-2 Kitazawa, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo
Closed on Mondays.
Open: 2p.m. - 6p.m.

3 min. from Shimokitazwa Station. It's on North side.  Go out to Peacock store side.  When you come down the stairs, take a right.  Yokohama Bank will be on your left.  The next building has the shop and cafe.  1) To go to the tea shop, take a left at Yokohama Bank.  The shop selling green teas will be on your right.
2) To go to this tea salon ( cafe ), After passing Yokohama Bank, go straight.
There is a stairs going up on your left.  Take that.  ( Thai restaurant is located on the same floor.)  The entrance is very small.  Yet, usually there is a line even before opening.