Thai Dishes @ Friends' Place

Happy Birthday!

I forgot to take the picture of the very last dish....Thai green curry with eggplant.

Very hot, but very good.

Authentic Thai food weekend.

Of course, I needed to skip the dinner.

Thai Dishes for One Year Old Birthday Party

miso paste & blue cheese paste

Vegetable dips were also delicious.  This miso dip had a little garlic in it and the blue cheese had some lemon juice....nice starter.

The fried shrimp roll was good with sweet chili sauce.

One year baby girl.... I wonder if she knew it was for her.....but when she gets older, she will see the pictures from this party and feel how we celebrated her birthday and love her.

shrimp roll


Thai Dishes @ Friends' Place

Crunchy  Thai Snack
I eat everyday..... simply this is lucky thing.
Additionally, I love all sorts of food.... there is almost none I cannot eat..... ( maybe there are some.... but I haven't encountered yet.)   This is also lucky thing.

A friend of mine, Thai friend living in Tokyo invited me to her home yesterday..... the home her husband, she and two kids are living in.

It was her baby girl's 1 year birthday party....delicious Thai dishes were served.... with wines and beers... Scrumptious!

This is deep fried won-ton like snack.... served with sweet chili sauce.  On the corner of the plate, you can see one of her ( for her this is probably too easy) carving works.....carved carrot and cucumber.  The filling was fried minced pork..... with a hint of garlic.  Yum.

Kokonotsuido in Futako Tamagawa

appetizer &  aperitif

 This restaurant, " Kokonotsuido" (meaning 9 wells)has several shops in Tokyo area.


The one we had lunch the other day is located on the basement floor of east building of Tamagawa  Takashimaya Department store.

At first, we heard that this is bento box... another cousin arranged this and made a reservation chose this because others were too expensive.

It turned out the name of Bento is just the name of the course, this was beautiful course menu of delicacy using all the seasonal ingredients.... unfortunately, my phone's battery was gone when I tried to take more pictures..... please enjoy these and if you have a chance, please try their lunch or dinner.  All of us were very happy with this place and their food.

tatami room