Lunch @ Annual Alumni Event

This BENTO was provided to the attendees.  There were about 200 people at the party!?

The center, plum flower shaped ones are rice.
On the top, there is umeboshi-pickled plum.

The top left is broiled salmon.  The center... I forgot.  The right top is some kind of vegetable.

The middle left is fish sausage ( kamaboko ) and some meat ball.  The down left is cooked potato, carrot and some others.  The pink ball.... we wondered....the inside was sort of fish ball.  The shell was ...we were not sure.  The color is so vivid!

Then shrimp tempura.   There was also a small packet of sweets.  I sat with same class mates.... my year had about 12 people.
We kept talking and were scolded three times..... actually, we were not the only group.  The teacher making speech sighed...." Well, we had to scold you while you were in the school.  After so many years after graduation, I still have to say the same... "  lol.