Alumni Association Event

st. margaret's
The other day, I attended Alumni Association Event, which is annually scheduled around this time of year.

This is more official than other re-unions.  Any alum can attend this.  The event includes accounting report etc...

For other re-unions, we use ordinary restaurants, but this official one is always held at school.

Nice to see the school where I spent my young days.

Nothing gorgeous, but we had lunch time after the official meeting.
Will show you the BENTO box we had.   Please come back !  Thanks for visiting my blog.


Uncle S's Memorial Service---@ Grave in Kodaira

The monk chanting sutra
Before the lunch, we visited the grave, which is our family's.  My father, grandfather, grandmother, my father's sisters & brothers and some more ancestors who I haven't even met are sleeping in here.  ( It is the law to cremate and turn deceased into ashes )  Their bones are placed in potteries and placed underneath of this grave stone.

On the surface, it says " Watanabe Famliy ".

On the left, there is a flat square stone. It has all the names of the deceased people in the family.

Uncle S's Memorial Service---VI

We have many cousins and their children

This time, there were young ones, who are children of my cousins.

Then over there, you can see some of my aunts and uncles.

3 generations together.