Uncle S's 13th Memorial Service---V

Cooked Bamboo Shoot

A few more dishes.  Please bear with me.
The Bamboo shoot is our typical spring food.
Fresh smell and hard-to describe texture....

Clear soup had pretty gluten ball..

Clear Soup with Chicken Ball


Uncle S's 13th Memorial Service ---IV

Next was tempura.  Only salt ( pink salt ) was served with it.   Enjoyed the crispy texture.

This side which comes with fish..... I don't know wat it was, but it was a jelly and cheese like stuff. :-)

We were too busy talking and forgot to ask.

Broiled Fish


Uncle S's 13th Memorial Service ---III

Table Setting
This was comfortable arrangement.  Usually, on tatami room, we have to sit on our heels.

In this room, they had this low Western style chairs and therefore, we didn't have to sit on the floor.

I have very bad knee, so this setting saved me.

Uncle S's 13th Memorial Service---II

This restaurant near the cemetery serves nice food.  Beautifully presented dishes were all good.

We talked about this uncle, memories.... for the first 15 min., then we started talking about other things....sorry, uncle S. :-)

I remember I won 500 yen from this uncle.
Our family used to play Russian Poker.... for fun.
Not serious casino at all.  Also for very small money... should be statute of limitation!


Uncle S's 13th Memorial Service

The left top is vinegared food; sliced cucumber. seaweed. edible flower.

The middle plate has boiled shrimp, cooked scallop, shrimp in salted bonito offal.

After the service, we were hungry, yet finding the parking lot for this restaurant was tough.


Uncle's Memorial Service

It was such a feast.  17 of us had Japanese traditional course menu for my uncle's memorial service.  The lunch started around noon.  At 9 p.m., I feel full still.

Will upload the photo tomorrow.  Thanks for checking.