Simple Dinner with Sweet Potato.

Minced Meat & Sweet Potato /Loquat
Loquat....I just checked this name in English....the orange fruits which we call BIWA in Japanese.  Juicy, fresh flavor, not to sweet.

Between brown rice and miso soup, the main dish is cooked ground pork and sweet potato.

Very simple dinner of one night.  Healthy though.

Sweet potato --- 1 or 2 pieces... depending on the size.
Ground pork  --- 100 g or as you like.

A table spoon of oil ( I used grape seed oil. you can use any such as olive oil.)
A pinch of salt
A table spoon of sake or white wine
A tea spoon of soy sauce
A tea spoon of brown sugar ( or sugar, maple syrup, honey...)
A 1/2 cup of water
A tea spoon of dashi powder ( or granulated powder of soup stock)

1.  Put the oil in the heated pan.
     Start cooking ground pork in a heated pan at medium heat.
     When the color changed, add the cut sweet potato.
2.  Add a pinch of salt, sugar, sake, dashi powder and water.
3.  Keep cooking.  If the potato is well cooked and the liquid in the pan is boiled down, ready to serve.

Sweet, soy sauce flavored potato.  Enjoy!


Baby Octopus Pasta --- Spring Food

Ocellated octopus pasta
Baby octopus...just because it's tiny version of octopus, I would call it.  The official name is ocellated octopus apparently.

You can see several on this plate... especially the one sitting on the right....shrinking.... ( sorry that you are killed for this, but thank you for giving me your nutrition.  I appreciate fruits of the sea.)

One of many foods which makes us feel that we are in Spring.

The left is yesterday's lunch at Tapas & Tapas in Shimokitazawa.

They are operating many restaurants in Tokyo area.  The lunch includes free drinks.  ( I had iced Chinese tea and coffee.)  Their specialty is variety of pasta.

I can hear gusty wind growling and it seems raining  , too.  With this strong wind and rain, cherry blossoms will be gone.  Sad, but after cherry blossom, usually temperature goes up and we will have real spring.

April is Japan's new fiscal year also.  I have a meeting in business district today, so looking forward to seeing brand-new office workers.  Somehow, I can tell or you can tell also, I think.... those fresh faces with new suits are noticeable..... probably their suits do not fit them well enough yet. :-)

As little bit senior person, ( just a little :-))  I would like to send hearty cheers to them.  There should be many difficulties, obstacles and times that you might get depressed, but you are our hope, young people!  Enjoy your work and study!