Experimental Oyster Sautee

Sauteed Oyster
This was more like lightly fried than saute, maybe.

It was successful!  These plump oysters....wash them first, then dress them in flour.

Put some ( I used a spoonful ) butter and olive oil into the heated pan.  Add some grated garlic, which is the key.

Add oysters at low heat.  Cook well.  Sprinkle a pinch of salt.  When the oysters are well cooked, turn off the heat.

Pour a spoonful soy sauce into the pan and dress the oysters with it.

The outside is crispy, inside is fluffy oysters are done!  This was really well made!
Please try!  The side is sauteed green vegetable and sliced tomato. :-)


Cherry Blossoms Started Blooming

Cherry Blossoms

Yesterday, we had terrible gusty winds, which was almost 25 or 30 mps. ( American people, this is not mile....instead of mile, this is meter.)

We felt like unseasonal typhoon was hitting Japan.  I came back around 5 pm holding an umbrella whose bones were little bended by blast.   It was also raining.

Today, the sky was clear blue and sun came out.
Usually, cherry blossoms bloom around the last week of March, but this year, we had unusual weather, so its blooming was slow.

20% Blooming
It seems after the storm, cherry thought " oh, it's gone now, safe enough to show our flowers."

Near my place, there is little stream where cherry trees are set along with.

Lovely, refreshing afternoon.  I needed to get some food stuff at supermarket and enjoyed walking the area watching these seasonal flowers.

Cherry blossoms are so important for Japanese, when we can see this flower, we feel Spring Has Come!  Also, it lasts only for a week at the longest.  This fragile, delicacy is also precious.


"Life is like a Cup of Coffee "

This was inspiring, something you probably know,but often forget.
                         Thanks to my friend, who uploaded this on FB.

Thank you for visiting my blog.


Omurice & English Teaching

Omu Rice

This is today's lunch.  As usual, let me use wikipedia for the explanation on OMURICE.

This shop's omurice was sitting in beef stew like dark sauce.  The eggs were half cooked, so it melts in your mouth.  Scrumptious.

In my profile, I am introducing myself as media consultant.  Yes, I still do.  Along with media business, I teach English also.

If it were 6 years ago, I thought " English teacher? that is because your business is not good and doing that as part time? "
Well, English teaching certainly makes some part of my company's profits, yet I am now doing it because I feel it is fun and meaningful.  It came to me by coincidence.

This spring makes my 5th year of English teaching experience.  4 years ago, I was asked by a private college to teach a class a week, which provides the combined education of English and Movie/Media businesses.  I had been in movie, TV and content businesses and always used English, so it made sense.  At the same time, another friend of mine asked me if I was interested in teaching English..... this was more for interpretation class.... to teach how to interprete.  Yes, I sometimes do interpreter, translator mainly for entertainment/media businesses, but I was not sure if I could teach.  Teaching is totally different from learning and/or using it as a tool.  This friend said I would fit in the job and I have that talent.  I decided to try anyways.  He says I have competence to carry entertaining class.

For the first year, it was hard.  It took time for me to come to a decision of everything.... what kind of material I should pick for the next class.... how to explain about this and that.....now I get used to do all this work.  It still requires time and energy, but I can handle it.  I always wanted to polish my English..... good enough to carry out the projects and strike deals, yet not sophisticated enough.  Still not good enough, to be called sophisticated, I am still studying.  However, if I didn't get this opportunity, I wouldn't have pursued to brush up my English.  Teaching is learning.  I decided to polish my English more and concentrate on this for a while.

Also, I found teaching brings me unexpected pleasure.  When somebody, who couldn't speak English, struggling shows glowing happiness on his/her face with delight to understand something new or to get better, it makes me so happy.

Each student's character, mindset, strength, weakness.....these are also vary.
It is a learning opportunity about human being also.

Therefore, I am now taking more time to teach English.  In January, I took TOEIC test, which is a kind of practical, business English test.  My score was not perfect, but high enough, 985.  The previous score was 955, so maybe little, but my competence got little better, I guess.  ( Perfect score is 990)

Every Sunday, I have two classes, which was also started by coincidence.
The co-working space near my place asked me to start a class.  Now, with more students, I have two classes.  They are trying to get better and I can help them.
Simply, I feel it is fun and these students are nice, unique, fun people to be with.
Almost every time, we go out for lunch together after the classes.  The photo is today's lunch in Shimokitazawa.

Thanks to them.  A student noticed my computer is so slow.  He bought a memory pack and today he adjusted hardware with new memory.  I get so much from this class.

This lunch place is " es cafe dining".  For lunch, this OMURICE, small salad, a drink costs 1,000 yen.