Hectic Saturday Afternoon

7/11's Cereal

Lunch and Favorite Novel
This afternoon was supposed to be relaxing break after hectic week.

How should I put it!?  Have you seen "Brothers &Sisters"?

Some images of that TV series came to my mind.  I was trying to adjust some family issue and talked to some aunts about it.

First, it seemed I managed it somehow....then it resulted in several hour long phone calls!

I talked to one aunt.  She was actually on the phone with another aunt.  When I called this another aunt, the talk on the issue continued.  Then, I was supposed to call the third aunt, but I was tired, so was going to call this aunt later today, but because another aunt had already called the third aunt, third aunt called me and she started blaming me and I talked her back !!!  I thought " this might end our good relationship!", but after that we kept talking and she understood the situation.  phew.  It was supposed to be quite simple issue.
Women's talk fly so fast!  The longest talk took me an hour and a half, but we had good talk and she told me inspiring story, which is her own experience.   At the end, we laughed and comforted each other.

My aunts all have different characters and they all have their own opinion.  Strong women!  They are straightforward.  It is stressful once in a while, but I enjoy communicating with them.

So, the top is my breakfast.  Seven-Eleven's cereal.  Lunch was pasta with onion, green pepper, chicken breast and canned tomato.  I found one of my favorite author's new book at the bookstore and read half way.  ( The setting is in Edo Era....when people were still wearing kimono.  The protagonist is female chef.... which is totally fiction, but this is fiction anyways!  She chooses her life now....if she marries to the man she loves or her career as a cook.  )

Then this phone call storm started.  Ahhhh.  Let me go back to the book now.
I need to escape from reality for a while.  :-)


Bon Gout in Kagurazaka

Pizza w/onion & bacon

Above is their facebook page.  I couldn't find their official website,so hope it would help.

After visiting my friend's exhibition, I was already hungry.  In front of the subway entrance @ Kagurazaka Station, there was a menu presented under the staircase.

French for lunch?  Well, it must be fusion type, since it says pizza.  I tried.

The new onion of this season was sweet.
The vegetable plate may look small for one portion, but it was more than appetizer.

I enjoyed the colors, texture and tried to chew as many as I could so that I could fully enjoy the smell of spring fresh vegetables.   The pizza was too big for me, so asked them to wrap.  Yes, I brought the leftover to home and enjoyed it next day.

Soup & Vegetable Apperizer