Coriander Noodle ( Pasta ) by PAXI HOUSE TOKYO

 I love coriander, but didn't imagine such pasta would exist.

The photo, this greenish pasta is coriander pasta produced and sold by PAXI HOUSE TOKYO, specialized restaurant for coriander cuisine.

I cooked Uyghur  style tomato sauce based Lamian sauce with sliced beef ( if you have, lamb or mutton would be better ) , green pepper, onion and potato. 

Start cooking sliced onion, then add beef, potato and green pepper.  Add canned tomato.  Seasoning is salt, pepper, spoonful oyster sauce and soy sauce to taste.

The flavor of the pasta doesn't have strong coriander scent.  Slightly I could feel fresh grassy flavor....
If you need wine, Sauvignon Blanc.  Something similar to that white wine. Hmmm.
How should I cook the rest of the package?  Looking forward to the next dish. 

PAXI House is located in Kyodo on Odakyu line.  Exit and go to south.  Walk Nodai Street.  Within 5 min.  The restaurant will be on your right...... it is on 2F.


A Year after the Great East Japan Earthquake.....

It is March 11.  A year after the Great East Japan Earthquake...... my prayers are with them.  I took a moment of silence for those people who lost lives, family members and friends.