" & Vege" Vegetarian Restaurant

Interior of "& Vege"

Carrot Soup
The lunch I had was falafel and pita bread.

Before that, hearty carrot soup was served.

I would say you are very brave if you come into this narrow alley and try this place, for you never know what you could expect.

Even if I'd heard the place, it was thrilling to proceed....

After settling yourself, you would feel relaxed in this intimate dining.


"& vege" Vegetarian Restaurant in Shimokitazawa

you are outside again....
Isn't this funny?  You thought you were finally got to the entrance of the restaurant, but then again, if you try to proceed, you are out again.

The thing is this building is right behind the Starbucks and there is not direct way to get to the real door of the place.

Finally, I see the front door here though...


Entrance--- or Pre-Entrance of " & vege" in Shimokitazawa

The previous photo is the entrance.... you think.

Then you are inside now....., but wait!

Isn't the sky that you can see there on your left???

Is this the entrance hall or !??!?!?

&vege --- Vegetarian Restaurant in Shimokitazawa

Entrance !? 
It seems some of my friends attended Tokyo Marathon today.  Amazing!
I am curious about almost anything and enjoy challenging.... yet, marathon.... no way, I can't run.  ( besides,I have terrible knees.)

Well, let me show you this place.  Vegetarian restaurant.  You will wonder after finding the sing of the shop, how long it will take to get some seats.

It's located almost behind the Starbucks in Shimokitazawa.  So, find The Starbucks first.   That is your first mission.

& vege ---Vegetarian Restaurant in Shimokitazaw

First You Need to Find This Sign

Girls' Festival Course Menu-- Dessert