The Main Dish of Girls' Festival Course @ Keio Plaza Hotel

Omelet Rice & Croquette, Beef Stew
The left is seasoned rice and the topping is egg and croquette.

The right is beef stew.

This kind of small portion with several dishes are always popular in female consumer here.

Same in your country?


Jurin's Girls' Day Festival Course

A plate from lunch
This course is just right size for weekday lunch course.

The hotel ( Keio Plaza Hotel ) has other upscale restaurants also, but this coffee house is reasonable enough.

There were several dishes in this course and each dish was lovely.

The far left is salt cake ( cake sale from France ), which has been popular in Japan for the past years.

The center is salmon and some vegetable with yogurt sauce.

The right is garden salad with vinaigrette dressing.

Doll Festival ( Girls' Festival ) Lunch

Hina Dolls @ Keio Plaza Hotel
March 3rd is Girls' Festival Day.
Keio Plaza hotel is running special menus to attract female customers!

I had lunch there the other day with my aunt.

In the lobby, there was this doll set.


MASUMOTO's Daikon Dessert

Made of Daikon Radish
This was the first time I had dessert made of daikon radish.

It has little texture of radish....coconut like fiber.

You have to try it @ MASUMOTO.


Too Full to Write ....

It's been bit hectic.....dinner was yakitori tonight with some friend of mine.

Will try to write when I feel OK... my stomach is really full.    My whole body is smelling so smoky from the shop.

It's been pleasant weekend.  Thanks to everybody.