Daikon Radish & Asari ( Clam ) Nabe

Kameido Daikon& Asari ( clam ) Nabe 
I wish I were a better photographer when I see this kind of photo.... this is not showing this delicious nabe well enough.  My fault !

In the gray plate, fresh radish stick is sitting, which was crunchy.

The brown stick is pickled radish ( soy sauce flavor ), which is also good.

Usually, this kind of nabe cuisine is popular and served only during winter.

Masumoto has this menu all year around.  Anytime of the year, you can enjoy it unless they have any unexpected weather and lean harvest.

Edo era's specialty is here..... clam and Kameido daikon radish.

There is special condiment..... Kamekara Shoyu ( spicy soy sauce ), if you like spicy food, you will love it.  I used a tiny spoonful of it for this nabe.... I have to get back there.  Hoping that they start selling it at department stores.

What is EDO ?


Masumoto's Course Menu --- Some Course has This Beef


This beef was tender, juicy and perfectly cooked.

If you are not vegetarian, you'd like to try this one also.

Not too much, it's just right size, not too heavy.

The side is their special Daikon.