Getting Some Rest To Be Safe....

While I would like to introduce more beautiful dishes of Masumoto, let me get some rest today.  It's been hectic and I have headache....it doesn't feel like cold or flu,but I feel it's better to get some rest now.  If I miss my work, that will cause problem and cause trouble to everybody.

Thank you for visiting my blog today and thank you for your understanding.

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Beautifully Arranged Dishes @ MASUMOTO

 I cannot go into details, but there is some reason I was invited by them.

The main reason is to try their food.

Even if I was invited, I am honest person.  If I was not impressed, I would not say so.  I was truly impressed by their policy, careful cooking and hospitality.

The top left, Sashimi.  The cream yellow & green slices are soy milk & kind of seaweed.  Delicacy.

The bottom may look like sake.  Yes, usually this container is for sake.
To my surprise, it was a soup.   In the photo, it's hard to see, but there is a slice of Tatami Iwashi sitting in.  Tatami iwashi is http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tatami_Iwashi.

I expected little fishy flavor, yet, it wasn't.  Smooth, almost like light consomme soup soothes your stomach, stimulates your appetite.  

For labels, I added macrobiotics and vegan.  Yes, this course menu has fish, but their another specialty is vegetarian ( macrobiotic ) lunch box, so please look forward to the photo , which comes later this week.

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Kameido Daikon Cuisine @ Masumoto, Kameido, Tokyo

Kameido Daikon (Radish) 
This was the very first experience to try this radish for me.

I was very lucky.... invited to Masumoto, which has over 100 years history serving Japanese cuisine.

Their specialty is this radish.  Quite different in its look from our regular daikon radish.  Smaller, denser.

Let me introduce their beautiful course menu.
I am still full ....it was a feast.  Yet, healthy because they use a lot of vegetables.


Another Mochi-Rice Cake Menu

Zenzai, Umeboshi & Green Tea
When I eat sweets, I always need something salty to eat with.

The left is pickled plum...very sour.  It is said Umeboshi ( this pickled plum ) is good for smooth blood circulation.

The right is sweet zenzai or oshiruko made of red beans....supposed to be full of polyphenol.

Unfortunately, this red beans sweets are not very popular in foreign people or American friends around me...