My Japanese Italian Mochi Stew

Looks Italian
Lately, I am trying to use up food, ingredients sitting in fridge or storage.
There are still more than 10 pieces of mochi ( rice cake ) in a bag.    There are about 10 cans of organic tomato, which I ordered on internet.
A bag of shredded cheese in fridge.  A can of meat sauce.

I used them all and created this Italian Japanese experimental stew.

While waiting for the rice cake cooked in the grill,
put 1/2 tomato can, meat sauce into the sauce pan.

Add a pinch of salt into the soup.  Cook for several minutes.   Place rice cake in the deep dish. Sprinkle some cheese.   Pour stew/soup over it.   It resulted in hearty hot stew.


Ehoumaki --- Good Luck Rolled Sushi

Today is February 3, in the old calendar, the first day of spring.  Although the temperature is still very low and freezing, around this time of year, I can feel the spring is coming in a month or so.....

There are several traditional things to do...... this year, I skipped to decorate ornament in front of the door ( to avoid demon or evil spirits ).

I skipped throwing beans and eating the number of beans of my age....( I will have stomach ache ! ) 

I only had this Ehoumaki...... usually buy it at convenience store.  This year, I found a sushi place selling it in front of their store.    It is big roll sushi which has cucumber, eggroll etc... This year's good luck direction is....north-north-west, they say.

So, I turned to that direction in my small office room and took a big bite of it !

At a Sushi Restaurant
Today's Lunch


Hot Springs Near Here

Beef Bowl and Miso Soup
When I don't have time to travel enjoying hot springs in Hakone or else, what I can do is to take a train for 10 min.  This is located in a building near Takaido station.

Door to door is perhaps 20 min.  There is a spa in Takaido...on Inokashira Line.

Unfortunately, this is only in Japanese.

The other day, it was freezing and I visited the spa....hmmm, felt so good.  There is sauna also.
( both dried, steamed )

In the dining area, you buy ticket for your meal at vending machine and present it to the people who are in the kitchen.  Mini-beef bowl and miso soup.

Reasonable spa ....weekdays are 900 yen and this lunch was around 350 yen total.
Over all.....if you have around 15 dollars, it's enough.  ( Be sure to bring your face towel, bathtowel......if you need your cosmetics also.  Shampoo, conditioner, body soap is there  for free to use.)


Baklava --- Sweets @ Istanbul

Chai and  Baklava
This small size was perfect to close our dinner.

A piece for each. 

Baklava..... nutty flavor and sweetness from syrup.


Istanbul in Akasaka Mitsuke II / Grilled Lamb

Grilled Lamb and Vegetable
Juicy, meaty lamb dish @ Istanbul.

It has been cold lately and we wanted to try something hot which warms us up.

The decor is red , gold and white....not to big, not to small...Actually, I was expecting to see some belly dance, which said " starting around 8 p.m." on the web, but it is only Fridays.

When you go, if you'd like to see Belly Dance, check with them before you go.


Istanbul in Akasaka Mitsuke

Thank you for trying my quiz !

The answer is Turkish restaurant located in Akasaka Tokyu Plaza near Akasaka Mitsuke Station.

I like Turkish food because it uses a lot of vegetable.

This humus ( chick pea paste ), Acili Ezme ( Mashed tomato, spicy) and eggplant paste etc...

Their bread was homemade, I guess.... hot, outer shell was crunchy and inside was fluffy....

I should add it also has all the regional flavor....Asian, bit European ( Greek influence ), bit Middle Eastern...... cultural fair.