Where is this Restaurant ?

Nice Service !
This was the place we went to tonight.

A friend from U.S. wanted to have something ethnic....

What did we have !?


Hot Pot in Shmokitazawa

The other day, I went to this restaurant.

You can enjoy two kinds of soup.  There is a divider in the pot.  The red one is really spicy.
You would sweat.  The white soup is mild.

Both has lots of herbs.  Do you have this kind of place in your city ?   I would say, 20 years ago, there wasn't much places which has this.

In Tokyo, it's been popular for this 10, 15 years or so.


Soba Noodle Stand on the Platform of Station

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This is from Kokubunji Station  ( JR ).

There is a buckwheat noodle soup stand on the platform....for people in a hurry. ( & hungry )
You buy the ticket of the food you'd like to have first @ vending machine and get in the shop and hand the ticket to the ladies working in the counter.  The food will be served in a minute.

No chair, so you eat standing.

I was running to the next meeting, but also very hungry.... tried this, the topping is fried garland chrysanthemum and sliced scallion.

Yum !  Especially in cold winter, this was a big help.  Next time, which menu shall I try ?


Hokkaido Cuisine @ TSUKADA FARM

Ginger & Chicken Nabe ..... with tofu and vegetable.
Perfect for freezing night.

We had Tantakatan ( name of shochu....distilled spirit )..which is from Hokkaido.... this spirit is made of Japanese basil.

Eating of one big nabe ( Japanese wok ) ... with guests from U.S..... talking about culture, work, trends..... It was priceless night.

That was Root of Lily.

The answer is root of lily....there is a certain kind of edible lily roots.