What is it ? Can You Guess ???

Root of Some Plant 
Deep fried.....some root.

Texture is bit like potato....imbricate scale like root has faint smell of flower...



Savoring Hokkaido in Shinjuku, Tokyo

Melting Cheese / Raclette 
So, let me continue about Sunday dinner.

It was sort of brain storming meeting original to discuss some business.....it was nice group of people.... nice is too simple...unique, intelligent, characters... warm from different culture background.   I was thrilled !  ( then talked too much from excitement. ) Hope didn't scare people off :-)

One person couldn't go onto the dinner, but 4 of us went to this dining.

Boy ! This starter....raclette melted in my mouth.
They grate big cheese by the kitchen, which we could see.  I love cheese.

First Snow of This Winter.....in Tokyo

Let me come back and try to write during lunch time.  It is snowing now.
Last night, it was freezing..... my body sense is like animal..... it was dull... slow move....yes, it was like hibernating.... after having hot soup breakfast, it feels great.

Friday here now.  Work, work, work !


Chopin Piano Recital

Just came back from piano recital of Kazumasa Matsumoto.....all Chopin.
Long day today..... time to go to bed.


Pierre Herme --- French Patssier's Macaroon

Just for your information..... as long as I know.....it seems macaroon has been popular for this several years..... since Pierre Herme's macaroon has been introduced....was it about the time when American movie " Marie-Antoinette" was released.....I don't know if there is any relation, but that movie was cute.... very girlish.... with pastel color...beautiful shoes and mouth-watering sweets.  

Where is My New Year's Resolution ?????

This was the start of Sunday dinner.  I mean this was afternoon tea time..... macaroon.... green tea flavor, chocolate and strawberry.... ahhhh...

There are several new year's resolutions....for 2012.  One is to keep the best weight.  Right now I am overweight.... it feels heavy and lately I haven't exercised at all.... so am losing muscles....

Have not started exercising yet... because at the end of 2011, I sprained my ancle.... no problem for walking ,but still bit scared to work out fully.

ah..... without fitness.... I shouldn't have these kinds.... I know.... but I couldn't resist...... with great people and great conversation...it was even more tasty.....@ South Court Lounge of Century Southern Tower.

Thanks to My Kind Friends

It was like Vegetarian Day today for me.

My lunch was also full of vegetable....a big Salad plate and minestrone soup.

This is the dinner tonight.  Soba-noodle ( buckwheat noodle ) sitting in grated radish & miso ( hot radish & miso paste )....thanks to my friends.  They gave me the radish again.... because I said " It was soooo good. "  It was their very last one they had.... they didn't have to, but they were so nice. Thank you !

This town, Shimokitazawa is comfortable.... pleasant.... yes, there are nice shops and restaurants, but the best attraction is these warm-hearted people.

17 years ..... since Great Hanshin Earthquake

17 years from that.  Hmmm.  Today is January 17th here.   Back then, I knew it was a tragic disaster, but didn't do anything practical to support victims.

I was travelling and worried about my family, but they were in Tokyo, so they were safe.  Then.... kept watching news, but didn't do anything.

Sigh.  It was totally somebodyelse's disaster to me.  I regret it.  Last March, I did feel the quake here in Tokyo and because of that, I could actually relate myself to the disaster.

Will try to do things even if it is small support Tohoku region this time.


LINKEDIN Seminar @ Academy Hills

Ramen Noodle Soup
I had wonderful dinner last night..... which has several food photos.  I will upload later.

For tonight, since I just came back from that, the photo is this... tonight's dinner in Roppongi.

Are you using SNS ?  Yes, I use Facebook, LinkedIn and twitter.

For Facebook, I have to say I'd like to be connected to people who I have met in person only.  Or only if introduced by some other mutual friends.

For LinkedIn, if there seems to be mutual benefits, I usually accept invitations.  Even so, I would prefer people who introduce themselves why they are sending the invitations ( if I have not met the person).

I wondered how I should use LinkedIn and attended the seminar tonight.  That's why the dinner was this simple ramen..... on the way home.

It seems, if your purpose is clear such as job hunting, recruiting or looking for business partners, it is quite helpful and you can promote yourself on LinkedIn.

It takes time to fill out all the information though.  I have filled some info., yet, my business arena is straddling several genres, so at the moment, I am using it just to keep in touch with business friends.

The work of filling information itself is probably good to clarify the current business and where I am aiming at.   It was surprising that they are operation Japan office only by 4 people right now.

Dinner Ramen was @ Jun Koku ZUNDOYA, Roppongi.


Biryani --- Duck Version @ Garam Masala in Kyodo

Duck Biriyani 
Another biryani experience @ this gathering and cultural talk about food and road travel talk.

Many photos from his trip..... from east China through Silk Road to Turkey..... various Chinese soup noodles, Lagman and biryani....

Splendid landscape... sand... endless land.....gigantic rocks.... I enjoyed looking at them and the cultural introduction..... how people were nice and friendly.... China, Uighur, Iran, Turkey....I haven't been to those territories yet.... hoping someday....