Another Biriyani Night in KYODO

Appetizer Plate 

Coriander covered oyster ( green one ), spring roll, fried eggplant, eggroll with coriander, pickled chicken and beans, spinach.....

Starter @ Garam Masala in Kyodo...

A gathering with NBA..... Nihon Biriyani Association's chairman arranged another dinner night there.


Simple Pork & Chinese Cabbage Nabe

 This frequently appears as winter dinner on my table.

Ingredients ( basic ):
Thinly sliced pork.  ( 100 g )
Chinese Cabbage ( Several leaves.... tear by hands into bite size )
Sake or  white wine ( 2 table spoon )
Water ( 2 cups )
Soy sauce or salt

Ingredients ( if you have.... ):
Ginger or Yuzu kosho or Miso

1.  Place Chinese cabbage into nabe or pot, wok.
2.  Put the pork on the cabbage.  Pour water.
3. Pour sake over it and cover with a lid.  Steam for 7 min. or so.  Check occasionally.

4.  When the cabbage is cooked and the color of the meat is completely changed. Done !
5.  You can season it with salt or just bring it to the table and then season it when you eat with soy sauce.   Add grated ginger or yuzu kosho to your taste.

6. Or, you can add miso before serving.   Miso version also tastes great.

Done !


Yoyogi Village --- IV

Body Therapy 


While waiting, we explored the complex.  Found nice ( smelled nice ! ) body therapy room.  I had this cappucino @ coffee shop.


Yoyogi Village --- III

Inside the Italian Restaurant
 We had to wait for a while..... you'd better make a reservation.   I should have.... We got there around 1 p.m. still the restaurant was full.  Other places.... small cafe selling hamburger, noodles were there, but my friend and I decided to try this main restaurant.

It was worthwhile.... the food was good.... and the interior was pleasant as well as the staffs' service.



Yoyogi Village --- II

One Plate Lunch
Ah... this foam on the salad is the residue of washing leaves....


It is sort of salad dressing made of apple juice etc.... it was good !

I'd never seen it before.

Risotto is pork and spinach.


Yoyogi Village

This complex was opened last November.  1 min. from Yoyogi station.

Italian restaurant, cafe, tavern, mini book shop, clothing shop, travel agency and massage/ body care center are set in open space with nicely designed landscape.

Visited this place this afternoon and had lunch at Italian restaurant.

The bottom left is the bar open only at night and used as waiting room for Italian restaurant during lunch hour.


Blue Eggs ---Araucana

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Have you tried blue eggs ?

I bought two and tried for the first time.

bright orange.  Taste is almost same as regular ones, but it is rich in nutrition.