Some Pics from 2011

Rice Cake Making 
Local Fruit Shop, Kitazawa Orchard family gave me this photo.

I am making rice cake on the street !?

Yes, it was some event.  There were some street performers....

Let me find those photo....


We Get Tired of Eating Same Osechi Box.....

as of Jan.1/2012

as of Jan.2/2012
 At first, the box is like this top left.

Then, I separately added flavored herring roe... which is crunchy and good !

Then, after consecutive 3 or 4 Osechi Meal, you get tired of eating it and try to make different combination....
which is the bottom photo.

I added rolled egg with grated green daikon radish ( a gift from friends' family ) and sweet beans.

I know we shouldn't complain about food, but you have to experience it before criticizing us.  YOU will get tired after 3 days.
as of Jan.2/2012


Potato Salad & Steak @ Friend's House

Potato Salad

Yes, there were two kinds of salads.

Both were delicious.

Then, steak !  Simply just beef steak and no garlic or soy sauce, we just used salt and pepper.

It bought out meaty flavor of the steak and we did enjoy it !

I felt so good next morning and I think that power was generated by this steak.

You shouldn't eat too much, but I think certain amount of meat ( protein ) is good for you.

Looking around my friends, those who enjoy eating meats have smooth skin and less wrinkles.

I feel this fact is related to that they eat meat often. ( These friends also eat much vegetables.)


This is the Way of this Friend

Let me show you some more dishes from this friend's dinner.

This friend is writing books, comments etc.... and me, I am a just a friend and do not help the publishing, but all the people around this person are treated like this.....

Giving away...... another integrity..
Salad with Taco Sauce

At Friend's New Apartment

Cheese, Dried Raisin and Smoked Duck
This friend has been a good friend of mine for this 7 years or so.

I was invited to the place.....which the friend bought in cash.

Not huge, still buying an apartment in cash is unusual.

Well, it seems different from glitzy world or people, this friend's attitude is quite down to earth.

I just watched the Discovery channel's program about Warren Buffet..... these people do not show off....they value integrity and try to keep low profile.  I like the style.


Osechi--- Same as Usual

Simple One Layer Box
At my parents' place, this was always 3 tiered boxes, which is common for families.

I cannot eat all of them and this one is standard for my new year.

Right top is Otoso, it is a sort of herb sake.



Happy 2012 and Best Wishes for You

This is ozoni, rice cake soup, classic for new year's celebration.  Yet, this year, I found this fish sausage with plum flower design and added it.

I am one of the lucky person who can eat this and sit in warm room.

What I can do is to do my best for myself first, and then help others.

Wishing everyone peaceful, happy, fulfilling new year.