spicy cod roe & broccoli pasta
Hope you all had nice Christmas or holidays.

In Japan, holiday season is starting now.  Today was the last day for 2012 for many companies.

My company?  I am the owner and the employee, so there are still things that I should work on and there is no official closing day.

Since I need to clean my home/office, toward the end of 2012, my work load will be a little less.   Dec. 31, Jan.1 is off for us.  I will rest completely and celebrate year end and new year.

For us, Japanese, this is the year -end cleaning season.  I tried to polish some furniture, floors although it is not perfect.  Tried to wash curtains as well, yet it was raining, so will do that later.

Why we are doing this at the year end?  To welcome toshigami-sama.  The translation is year god.  We are supposed to welcome new year's god..... so we need to clean our place and purify everywhere.   I probably need to purify myself.... where is this girl friends' pledge?  Three of us were saying, I remember at the beginning of this fall...... " let's work on weight-loss".  None of us saying it now....sigh....I have not worked out lately, so my new year resolution... or one of the resolution will be that ..... work out and weight loss.....

This photo was my lunch today.  Not bad..... for weight loss..........

2 spoons of spicy cod roe ( or mentaiko)
some broccoli
1 table spoon of butter
1 table spoon of mentsuyu or sweetened soy sauce for noodle

1.  While cooking pasta, prepare cod roe sauce.
2.  Cook broccoli.  Don't overcook.  Put the butter into the heated pan and cook broccoli a little.  ( I used microwave to pre-cook broccoli a little. ) Add pinch of salt and pepper.
3.  Put the cod roe in to a deep bowl.
4. When the pasta is done, add the pasta into the pan.  Cook a minute with the broccoli and add mentsuyu.
5.  Put the above 4 into the cod roe bowl.  Stir well.



Carol said...

We have a visitor coming this weekend so we will be doing some cleaning and purifying around here too! My husband and I both work in retail stores so we tend to neglect things at this busy time of the year and our place needs a good cleaning. Weight loss is on my list for 2013 too, you aren't alone there. Hope you had a good Christmas and all the best to you in 2013. I may not post often but I'm still checking your blog :-)

Yasuko Watanabe said...

Thank you , Carol.

Always nice to hear from you.

You are cleaning, too! Also new year's resolution!

Thank you, that is really encouraging.

We'll start weight loss new year, so toward the end of 2012, let's enjoy eating! :-)

Thanks for visiting my blog as always.
Wishing you a happy 2013!!!