Tartar Sauce on Steamed Potato

It's national holiday today.   Health-sports day.
Instead of doing sports, I am writing this blog ...feeling relaxed.

There are things including work listed up.....hoping I can work on them today.  Before working on them.... let me enjoy this....

For a while, I felt rushed by work....I've been enjoying them, yet it requires concentration...I'd like to do best for our clients.

Since last night, somehow I wanted to eat tartar sauce.... no TV influence.... do you get this kind of inspiration once in a while?  No books is suggesting tartar sauce... I wonder where this came from....Anyways, I decided to make the sauce first.

Today's Tartar Sauce:

Fresh parsley---Chopped / 2 tablespoons.
Fresh lemon juice ---1 tablespoon.
Onion---Chopped. /1/4 medium onion.
Pickles---Bottled pickles with dill relish / 2 table spoons
Boiled egg---Chopped / 1 egg.
Mayonnaise---2 tablespoons.
Salt & Pepper--- A pinch.

Just stir the above all ingredients in a bowl.  Put some on steamed potato.

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