Wasanbon---Dry Confectionery

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A gift from some students group of mine....beautiful dry confectionery.

These are made of wasanbon.....explained in the link above.   Fine-grained sugar brings your mouth, delicate, sophisticated sweetness and melts.....

Shapes are river, gold fish, shell, leaf etc....

Good with green tea.


Anonymous said...

it s so good to finally be back to read your blog, I have missed your posts, the candy looks so delicate and lovely@ What a lovely gift!

I love the salmon recipe as well, I have been catching up on your posts.I hope you are well, have a wonderful weekend!

Yasuko Watanabe said...

Laurie, Thanks and good to hear from you.
I've been away ( just from blog ) for a while.

Salmon..... is good for you! Anti-aging food. :-)