Marine Day --- Holiday in Japan

We are still in rainy season, yet this weather is already mid summer!  Very hot and when I walk, it feels like being grilled..... dehydrated, burned.

This is Marine Day holiday.  Am I supposed to be lying on the beach?

New project came in, so I have to work today.  It feels good though.  I'm healthy enough ( haven't done any check-up lately, so I need to do) , working @ OSS Cafe near my place.  In air-conditioned, cool, comfortable room.

I like to remind myself though, there are things we need to pay attention to.
This article is explaining about a part of Japan, where needs more attention and help.



Rich said...

I have to admit it's sad that something like that has happened, especially with it being such a tragedy that the people had originally asked to be left out of. Amazing how they can provide billions (yep, billions) yet provide less than a half of a year's salary to those who were basically kicked out of their homes! I hope something positive happens from all this!

Wishing you well, and hope all gets better with the heat!

Yasuko Watanabe said...

Rich, thank you for reading the article. There should be something I could do,I thought introducing the article is one least thing.

It's hot! I need watermelon.