Japanese Wrapping

Sweet Jelly in Square Basket 
If you've been to Japan, you have experienced it.
When you shop at shops, department stores, things are carefully wrapped.

Lately, if it is for my own use, I try to decline, for saving papers, plastic bags.    Trying to choose eco-friendly way.

This was a gift from my friend's mother.
Summery, basket container!

It seems they were already packaged in this basket.  After eating sweets, you can use this for something....as stationary case, tray for letters, greeting cards etc...


Rich said...

I really like what you have here! It's really pretty AND it's "green"!! :) It also reminded me of the scene in the movie "Love Actually" with the gift wrapping session. Here's a link to it if you want to see it. It's at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cfNzZre-sIU

Yasuko Watanabe said...

Thank you, Rich.

It is Green! Yes, I remember the Mr. Bean's wrapping scene! That was hilarious!

Thanks for the link. I can see that again there?