Hefty Summer Salad

Calamari & Avocado Salad
Summer is getting hotter and hotter every year.
Almost everyday, approximately over 400
people are carried to hospital due to heat stroke.

My cat's appetite is poor now.

I bought this calamari from a supermarket.
Sliced avocado, placed diced tomato on the bed of lettuce.

Refreshing summer salad.

London Olympic Games has begun.  How is your country doing?


Rich said...

YUMMMY!!! looks absolutely delicious!

so sad that so many people are falling ill to the heat there! i hope it gets better!

the us is doing pretty good so far at the olympics. it's fun to watch all the countries compete.
i'm looking forward to seeing more of the japan women's soccer. with them being the world champions i have a feeling they will do well! :)

Yasuko Watanabe said...

Thank you, Rich.

Olympic is now over. Congratulations on your winning the top gold medals !