Thai Dishes @ Friends' Place

Crunchy  Thai Snack
I eat everyday..... simply this is lucky thing.
Additionally, I love all sorts of food.... there is almost none I cannot eat..... ( maybe there are some.... but I haven't encountered yet.)   This is also lucky thing.

A friend of mine, Thai friend living in Tokyo invited me to her home yesterday..... the home her husband, she and two kids are living in.

It was her baby girl's 1 year birthday party....delicious Thai dishes were served.... with wines and beers... Scrumptious!

This is deep fried won-ton like snack.... served with sweet chili sauce.  On the corner of the plate, you can see one of her ( for her this is probably too easy) carving works.....carved carrot and cucumber.  The filling was fried minced pork..... with a hint of garlic.  Yum.


Anonymous said...

this sounds wonderful! Looks so pretty as well,

Yasuko Watanabe said...

it was soooo good.