Uncle S's 13th Memorial Service---V

Cooked Bamboo Shoot

A few more dishes.  Please bear with me.
The Bamboo shoot is our typical spring food.
Fresh smell and hard-to describe texture....

Clear soup had pretty gluten ball..

Clear Soup with Chicken Ball


Anonymous said...

what wonderful dishes, the broiled fish looks really good, All the food is so beautifully presented, what a wonderful tribute to your Uncle.
What did you do to your knee?I hope it heals soon,

Yasuko Watanabe said...

Thank you, Laurie. It was a feast. The anterior cruciate ligament of my left knee is broken from past accidents from sports. I used to be quite athletic. Mainly from basketball and skiing, I injured the knee.

It's OK now, but this knee will stay like this forever.
( I was told by the doctor, if I try to attend Olympic, I'd better have surgery, but :-) as you can imagine, it was just pastime.