Uncle S's Memorial Service---@ Grave in Kodaira

The monk chanting sutra
Before the lunch, we visited the grave, which is our family's.  My father, grandfather, grandmother, my father's sisters & brothers and some more ancestors who I haven't even met are sleeping in here.  ( It is the law to cremate and turn deceased into ashes )  Their bones are placed in potteries and placed underneath of this grave stone.

On the surface, it says " Watanabe Famliy ".

On the left, there is a flat square stone. It has all the names of the deceased people in the family.


Anonymous said...

such a beautiful place for your final resting place.Its so tidy and neat.Cremation was not done here in our city until the last 25 years or so.Now 70% of people are cremated.
My parents are in a country cemetary out side of town.I suppose cremation is an option and not the rule because we have so much ope space here in canada.Most people are always amazed at the vast unpopulated areas.I chose cremation for my parents because I think its the best way.
What a lovely photo of all the family as well, thankyou so much for sharing these person peeks into your life.
Maybe I will do a post in the near future of where my parents are buried, so you can see.Have you been to Canada, I can't remember if you have or not, lots of forests!
I'm sorry about the knee, and you are so young as well, thats life!

Yasuko Watanabe said...

Really!? I thought cremation is customary in Asia only.
Open space.... something we do not have.... lucky you!

Thank you for your sweet words.

I've been to Canada several times. Niagara Fall, Vancouver, Whistler, Halifax, Calgary, Banff.....
Your country is so beautiful. Yes, open field, mountains, rich natural surroundings, clean air is definitely your assets and charm.

I ate steak @ a restaurant in Vancouver,which was scrumptious!