Experimental Oyster Sautee

Sauteed Oyster
This was more like lightly fried than saute, maybe.

It was successful!  These plump oysters....wash them first, then dress them in flour.

Put some ( I used a spoonful ) butter and olive oil into the heated pan.  Add some grated garlic, which is the key.

Add oysters at low heat.  Cook well.  Sprinkle a pinch of salt.  When the oysters are well cooked, turn off the heat.

Pour a spoonful soy sauce into the pan and dress the oysters with it.

The outside is crispy, inside is fluffy oysters are done!  This was really well made!
Please try!  The side is sauteed green vegetable and sliced tomato. :-)


Anonymous said...

the cherry blossoms are beautiful aren't they, I have never eaten oysters, but this dish sounds very good,

Yasuko Watanabe said...

laurie, thanks. it's in full bloom now. today is the last day, probably. i need to walk around.

never eaten oysters! please try!