Cherry Blossoms Started Blooming

Cherry Blossoms

Yesterday, we had terrible gusty winds, which was almost 25 or 30 mps. ( American people, this is not mile....instead of mile, this is meter.)

We felt like unseasonal typhoon was hitting Japan.  I came back around 5 pm holding an umbrella whose bones were little bended by blast.   It was also raining.

Today, the sky was clear blue and sun came out.
Usually, cherry blossoms bloom around the last week of March, but this year, we had unusual weather, so its blooming was slow.

20% Blooming
It seems after the storm, cherry thought " oh, it's gone now, safe enough to show our flowers."

Near my place, there is little stream where cherry trees are set along with.

Lovely, refreshing afternoon.  I needed to get some food stuff at supermarket and enjoyed walking the area watching these seasonal flowers.

Cherry blossoms are so important for Japanese, when we can see this flower, we feel Spring Has Come!  Also, it lasts only for a week at the longest.  This fragile, delicacy is also precious.


Anonymous said...

They way the people of Japan take time to enjoy what each season brings is such a wonderful thing.I love that you enjoy the best foods of the season and take special moments to view the cherry blossoms, I love this about Japan, I hope someday to come and see the blossoms but for now I will enjoy all the photos i can, thankyou for sharing this,

Yasuko Watanabe said...

Thank you, laurie for your visit to my blog as always.