" & Vege" Vegetarian Restaurant

Interior of "& Vege"

Carrot Soup
The lunch I had was falafel and pita bread.

Before that, hearty carrot soup was served.

I would say you are very brave if you come into this narrow alley and try this place, for you never know what you could expect.

Even if I'd heard the place, it was thrilling to proceed....

After settling yourself, you would feel relaxed in this intimate dining.


Anonymous said...

I love this meal, the interior of the place looks cozy , interesting, you find the best places. I have a strange question, if youi don't mind me asking,, have you ever become ill from eating in all these resturants,, I had food poisening last week from eating out.I swear I'm eating at home for a very long time now!

Yasuko Watanabe said...

Thank you, Laurie. That's too bad. I am sorry that you had hood poisoning..... fortunately, I haven't had any food poisoning so far.

I understand that you try to stay away from dining out after such experience.