Bon Gout in Kagurazaka

Pizza w/onion & bacon

Above is their facebook page.  I couldn't find their official website,so hope it would help.

After visiting my friend's exhibition, I was already hungry.  In front of the subway entrance @ Kagurazaka Station, there was a menu presented under the staircase.

French for lunch?  Well, it must be fusion type, since it says pizza.  I tried.

The new onion of this season was sweet.
The vegetable plate may look small for one portion, but it was more than appetizer.

I enjoyed the colors, texture and tried to chew as many as I could so that I could fully enjoy the smell of spring fresh vegetables.   The pizza was too big for me, so asked them to wrap.  Yes, I brought the leftover to home and enjoyed it next day.

Soup & Vegetable Apperizer

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