Photo Exhibition of My Friend's

Friend's Photo
 It was holiday here today, which was spring equinox day.  

 A friend of mine invited me her photo exhibition... in Kagurazaka.

 Wanted to show the ambiance of the place, which is usually used as a Japanese tavern.

 Tried not to focus on the photos itself to protect her arts, yet you can see some of her work.

 This glass of red wine and some nibbles were offered.   Nice!

A Glass of Wine & Nibbles
 Her photos were the ones taken overseas which includes Mongolia, Paris, Vietnam, Cambodia, Peru and so on.

  It felt like peeking into her own world in her frames.... travelled to those cities, countries.

  She is a filmmaker also.  Used to work at one of the leading electronic manufacturers, but she decided to pursue what she wants to do.


Anonymous said...

what a wonderful event, bravo for your friend following her heart,

Yasuko Watanabe said...

told her about your comment! Thank you !