Hectic Saturday Afternoon

7/11's Cereal

Lunch and Favorite Novel
This afternoon was supposed to be relaxing break after hectic week.

How should I put it!?  Have you seen "Brothers &Sisters"?

Some images of that TV series came to my mind.  I was trying to adjust some family issue and talked to some aunts about it.

First, it seemed I managed it somehow....then it resulted in several hour long phone calls!

I talked to one aunt.  She was actually on the phone with another aunt.  When I called this another aunt, the talk on the issue continued.  Then, I was supposed to call the third aunt, but I was tired, so was going to call this aunt later today, but because another aunt had already called the third aunt, third aunt called me and she started blaming me and I talked her back !!!  I thought " this might end our good relationship!", but after that we kept talking and she understood the situation.  phew.  It was supposed to be quite simple issue.
Women's talk fly so fast!  The longest talk took me an hour and a half, but we had good talk and she told me inspiring story, which is her own experience.   At the end, we laughed and comforted each other.

My aunts all have different characters and they all have their own opinion.  Strong women!  They are straightforward.  It is stressful once in a while, but I enjoy communicating with them.

So, the top is my breakfast.  Seven-Eleven's cereal.  Lunch was pasta with onion, green pepper, chicken breast and canned tomato.  I found one of my favorite author's new book at the bookstore and read half way.  ( The setting is in Edo Era....when people were still wearing kimono.  The protagonist is female chef.... which is totally fiction, but this is fiction anyways!  She chooses her life now....if she marries to the man she loves or her career as a cook.  )

Then this phone call storm started.  Ahhhh.  Let me go back to the book now.
I need to escape from reality for a while.  :-)


Carol said...

Interesting! My niece and I have spent a lot of time on the phone and in emails talking about her relationship with her father (my brother) over the last week. It must be "Family Dysfunction Week" all over the world!
We have spent years and years trying to figure him out and just when we think he's changed, he goes back to being his old self. Very frustrating.
I hope your situation gets straightened out and I'm glad you have the support of your aunts.

Yasuko Watanabe said...


Wow. Family Disfunction Week ! Yes, luckily, my aunts are straightforward and communicative.

I did explain the situation and now I leave it up to them.
I shouldn't involve myself too much, cause otherwise, it feels like co-dependent relationship and it is not my problem now. Set the boundary clearly.

The person who is responsible for that should take the responsibility and I am not trying to solve the problem itself. Feels much better now!

Anonymous said...

sounds like a stressful situation, its over and sounds like it was resolved, relax now and put it behind you.I love reading of ancient Japan, and i have several books about Japan and womens lives in the 30's 40's , really interesting.I would hope we all can marry for love though.I can't imagine marrying anyone I didn't love but the times were different then and so would we be.I hope today is a calm quiet non stress day for you.best wishes from Canada!

Yasuko Watanabe said...

Thanks for the comment, laurie. I try to avoid this kind of situation and stay away from the one who causes troubles. If I keep trying to act as arbitrator, these kinds of people never learn and push me more and more.

As to the story, yes, that is back in Edo Era, so modern world is different. The story still continues, so I am thrilled how this protagonist develop her career and handle her heart. So entertaining! Plus, the story describes yummy foods using traditional ingredients. Wish some foreign companies get the rights and localize it.