&vege --- Vegetarian Restaurant in Shimokitazawa

Entrance !? 
It seems some of my friends attended Tokyo Marathon today.  Amazing!
I am curious about almost anything and enjoy challenging.... yet, marathon.... no way, I can't run.  ( besides,I have terrible knees.)

Well, let me show you this place.  Vegetarian restaurant.  You will wonder after finding the sing of the shop, how long it will take to get some seats.

It's located almost behind the Starbucks in Shimokitazawa.  So, find The Starbucks first.   That is your first mission.


laurie said...

what a beautiful entrance to this place, sorry to hear about the knees, was the food good here?

Yasuko Watanabe said...

was gonna show the food. thanks for your consideration. i was too athletic when i was young!