My Japanese Italian Mochi Stew

Looks Italian
Lately, I am trying to use up food, ingredients sitting in fridge or storage.
There are still more than 10 pieces of mochi ( rice cake ) in a bag.    There are about 10 cans of organic tomato, which I ordered on internet.
A bag of shredded cheese in fridge.  A can of meat sauce.

I used them all and created this Italian Japanese experimental stew.

While waiting for the rice cake cooked in the grill,
put 1/2 tomato can, meat sauce into the sauce pan.

Add a pinch of salt into the soup.  Cook for several minutes.   Place rice cake in the deep dish. Sprinkle some cheese.   Pour stew/soup over it.   It resulted in hearty hot stew.


Anonymous said...

sounds yummy, how long do the rice cakes last , can you put them in the freezer?

Yasuko Watanabe said...

rice cakes last for a while..... this one, i bought over a month ago. you could put them in the freezer, but then it takes time to cook. it's cold enough here, so i'm keeping them by the window.