The Main Dish of Girls' Festival Course @ Keio Plaza Hotel

Omelet Rice & Croquette, Beef Stew
The left is seasoned rice and the topping is egg and croquette.

The right is beef stew.

This kind of small portion with several dishes are always popular in female consumer here.

Same in your country?


Anonymous said...

no, not in Canada, I don't know of any resturants that serve dishes sized for just women.
Our portions are mostly too large in Canada, they say thats why we haveso many over weight people.
When our Japanese friends visited they always found the portions much too large!We need to eat more like the Japanese.

Yasuko Watanabe said...

Thank you, laurie. Here, it seems like here, women enjoy eating bit of various kinds of foods.....maybe even if ( for instance) this cuisine is Western, our preference or this tendency is influenced by our traditional kaiseki cuisine.