Hot Springs Near Here

Beef Bowl and Miso Soup
When I don't have time to travel enjoying hot springs in Hakone or else, what I can do is to take a train for 10 min.  This is located in a building near Takaido station.

Door to door is perhaps 20 min.  There is a spa in Takaido...on Inokashira Line.

Unfortunately, this is only in Japanese.

The other day, it was freezing and I visited the spa....hmmm, felt so good.  There is sauna also.
( both dried, steamed )

In the dining area, you buy ticket for your meal at vending machine and present it to the people who are in the kitchen.  Mini-beef bowl and miso soup.

Reasonable spa ....weekdays are 900 yen and this lunch was around 350 yen total.
Over all.....if you have around 15 dollars, it's enough.  ( Be sure to bring your face towel, bathtowel......if you need your cosmetics also.  Shampoo, conditioner, body soap is there  for free to use.)


Anonymous said...

this is wonderful, such a lovely place, very relaxing,

Yasuko Watanabe said...

thank you, laurie !