Ehoumaki --- Good Luck Rolled Sushi

Today is February 3, in the old calendar, the first day of spring.  Although the temperature is still very low and freezing, around this time of year, I can feel the spring is coming in a month or so.....

There are several traditional things to do...... this year, I skipped to decorate ornament in front of the door ( to avoid demon or evil spirits ).

I skipped throwing beans and eating the number of beans of my age....( I will have stomach ache ! ) 

I only had this Ehoumaki...... usually buy it at convenience store.  This year, I found a sushi place selling it in front of their store.    It is big roll sushi which has cucumber, eggroll etc... This year's good luck direction is....north-north-west, they say.

So, I turned to that direction in my small office room and took a big bite of it !

At a Sushi Restaurant
Today's Lunch

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