We Get Tired of Eating Same Osechi Box.....

as of Jan.1/2012

as of Jan.2/2012
 At first, the box is like this top left.

Then, I separately added flavored herring roe... which is crunchy and good !

Then, after consecutive 3 or 4 Osechi Meal, you get tired of eating it and try to make different combination....
which is the bottom photo.

I added rolled egg with grated green daikon radish ( a gift from friends' family ) and sweet beans.

I know we shouldn't complain about food, but you have to experience it before criticizing us.  YOU will get tired after 3 days.
as of Jan.2/2012


Jan said...

Hmm I think you must be a small eater - I think I could possibly eat the whole box at one go, so no leftovers! Haha. Looks interesting anyway.

Yasuko Watanabe said...

Thank you for the comment, Jan. hm. these are all cold items, so we eat with ozoni, which is like stew.
I am usually big eater, but not for this one !