Thanks to My Kind Friends

It was like Vegetarian Day today for me.

My lunch was also full of vegetable....a big Salad plate and minestrone soup.

This is the dinner tonight.  Soba-noodle ( buckwheat noodle ) sitting in grated radish & miso ( hot radish & miso paste )....thanks to my friends.  They gave me the radish again.... because I said " It was soooo good. "  It was their very last one they had.... they didn't have to, but they were so nice. Thank you !

This town, Shimokitazawa is comfortable.... pleasant.... yes, there are nice shops and restaurants, but the best attraction is these warm-hearted people.


Anonymous said...

aww ,,,,thats so sweet, good friends are priceless,

Yasuko Watanabe said...

thank you, laurie.